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lovers in bedIn the silent moments when I give myself permission to think of you, You enter my mind and fill my heart with such joy and sadness all in one. I lay in my bed at night and I can feel the warmth of your arms around me, the sound of your breath in my ear and the memory of your voice telling me you love me. I allow myself to wonder for a moment of our life together, the journey we would have shared, I know there was something special between us, I knew it the first time we spoke, I know you felt it too. I could feel you liking me and although I have never even seen your eyes looking into mine, I felt them burning into my soul, knowing you saw and understood all of me, all of who I am and who I would be with you.

There are no words that can explain how I feel right now, my soul knows that even though we are not speaking that our paths will cross again one day and we will meet face to face. You will take me in your arms and tell me how you feel and I will share that moment only with you, and the world will melt away and there will only be you and me…
You will take my hand and hold it to your heart, I will feel the heat of your flesh as I gently caress your face. Your face and smile that now comes to me at night in my dreams and professes to me of a love, a love that fills you with excitement and joy but also a fear of vulnerability if you surrender yourself to me completely.

For now, you will live your life a thousand miles away from me. You wake, you work, you spend your time with others, people who fill your days, your nights and sometimes even your bed. Yet I know, when you allow yourself those precious moments, you close your eyes and you imagine me beside you and you permit yourself to surrender to the feeling of love you have for me, and for a second you hold me in your heart again…..then, like waking from a dream … slowly let me slip away.

Love Text Messages for Her from the Heart

Actual SMS love text messages example


Expressing Messages of Love with your Phone

Love is the best gift from God to mankind. All of us love to be loved and feel great and contended when there’s someone to care for us. And although love text messages from the heart are a relatively new phenomenon, love messages themselves have been there since man knew how to express his thoughts to words. It is the deepest feeling one can experience and feel on top of the world. But love has no value until it’s expressed. To give meaning to your relationship, the expression of your feelings is important. The Master, William Shakespeare himself has said, “They do not love that do not show their love.” Express and let your partner know how much you love them and how important this relationship is to you.

Not expressing your love may leave your partner disappointed.

Acknowledgement and reciprocation are quite important in any relationship. In the words of T.S. Eliot: “I like not only to be loved, But to be told I am loved.” To ensure better connection with your partner, make sure you express your love for them in such a way that it makes them feel special, caring and romantic. Merely saying I Love You won’t create the magic it should. Forget the classic way of expressing love, and adopt something more creative. Your partner will surely be happy to hear those three golden words in a different way.

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Romantic Love Poems for Her from the Heart

Why Poems About Love Are Awesome

There are several ways to sweep your beloved maiden off her feet, but using romantic love poems for her from the heart are definitely my favorite method. Most people do not read love poems. This is mostly because they are deluded into thinking that poetry isn’t for them, especially if they are of the idea that poems are pointless, too erudite, unfathomable and boring. However, I have discovered that writing the right love poems will give you milestones you never thought achievable. Continue reading Romantic Love Poems for Her from the Heart

I Used to Love Her – How to Deal with a Break Up


Tips to help get over your first love

I used to love her, it’s the name of a famous song by Guns and Roses (see video below), but it’s also a very common statement for those who have ever gone through a break up. It’s the very reason why how to get over a break up is so god damn hard. The first time we let someone break our heart is usually the worst time for us all. Overcoming the first love may seem impossible as it feels like the most devastating thing in life. It’s hard to even see how we can be happy again when we come across some love poems or something to remind us about our broken love! We can not even imagine finding someone else.

The truth of the matter is that no matter how much you can not believe this now, you are capable of loving many people deeply. And as you say to yourself “I used to love her”, you can and probably will love somebody again. It probably won’t be her but it will be somebody. As you may or may not believe in “true love” or for that special person we like to call “the one” you can actually find and have a love life as deep as you did the first time.

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The Power of Love Over the Internet


The Popularity of Love Searches

Lovestruck? Everyone who has gone through this experience gets googly-eyed when hearing the word “love.” The term “love” is one of the most commonly used words in both oral and written communication and even ranks high in web search results. This shows that the concept of love has taken over not only the globe, but the Internet, as well.

The Internet is filled with a variety of articles, discussions, and other literature about love. It is a popular medium in the global society and has recently been the world’s primary source of information and outlet for thoughts. People are constantly looking for love poems, quotes, and other textual materials that will make them have a better understanding of the concept of love and its underlying aspects. Some people even pour out their thoughts and emotions through blogs and forums, or even by publishing love poems of their own.

One of the most popular love-related searches on the Internet is online dating. Most people, having easy access to the Internet, prefer to meet members of the opposite sex through chatting or participating in forums and start serious relationships. This usually happens among introverted people who are not very good at conversing with other people in person.

online-dating-flowers pop ut of computer

Another common love-related search is a forum discussion about love. A lot of online users post their problems or inquiries about love and other people type in their replies. This is a way to get pieces of advice from others or to just let one’s feelings out for him to feel better. Somehow, it also eases the pain of unrequited love when there are many people who express that they understand your feelings. You also don’t have to face embarrassment that would be otherwise felt when you talk about your feelings personally. In addition, a person can publish poetry or articles for other people who look for these on the Internet.

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A Love Life That is Healthy and Makes Life Beautiful

Happy couple in love embracing and laughing

Love makes life beautiful” is indeed a well said line (and also a short film) and a love life is indeed an important part of the human condition. Love is the natural and the most wonderful feeling on this earth that makes one a better person.

A better person makes the world a better place to live in. Love is unconditional. People in their love life don’t expect anything in return for the amount of love they shower on their partner. It’s just about giving and giving. Only true love will survive the test of time and succeed in creating a long lasting place in the heart of the person they love. People should never fall in love, but rather rise and rise in love. The love life of a person indicates the amount of trust, care, affection, admiration, belongingness and support one partner has for the other.

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Romantic Love Letters for Her from the Heart

love letters for her

Do you sense there is something missing in your relationship? Do you feel that you have done your best but things are still not quite right between you and your sweetheart? Well, it’s time to try writing romantic love letters for her from the heart. You may think that the times are different. You may be thinking that she is expecting something material so that she can feel special. However, there are thousands of things the digital age cannot replace. Continue reading Romantic Love Letters for Her from the Heart

Romantic Love Songs for Her from the Heart


Why Do So Many People Listen to Love Songs?

There are more love songs than anything else. If songs could make you do something we’d all love one another. -Frank Zappa

Even if you haven’t written them yourself, I bet you have some favorite romantic love songs for her from the heart, right? I am pretty sure you do. Love songs can stir the soul in many ways.

I remember way back my mother always listening to nothing but romantic love songs. This was every Saturday around noon. My sister and I had our chores to help her clean the house and she would put on those eight track tapes (yeah I did say way back) and hear nothing but songs of love. What was interesting to see was that she could be sad or happy and she still played those sentimental tunes. I used to wonder why and think to myself, here we go again, but funny thing was that at times throughout different periods of days I found myself singing these songs. My sister and I would sing along with our mom and many times my mom would take one of us and dance around the room. Memories of times like these are to treasure. I know I do.

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Love Bible Verses of True Divinity


Keep the Love Alive with Love Bible Verses and Quotes

If there is one thing that we have learned at, is that love is eternal, sacred, and beautiful and as such, needs to be celebrated. There are a number of Love bible verses that people in relationships can turn to about love, loss and connecting with one another. If there is one book in the bible that appreciates love, it would be “The Song of Solomon

When in a relationship, you need to remind your significant other of how much they mean to you, how much you treasure them and how high on a pedestal you have placed them. Making use of Bible verses about love to remind her of how your heart beats for her is the best way to remind her how sacred you hold the love you share. So here are some Bible verse ideas for love quotes to share with your beloved.

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Cute Love Quotes for Her from the Heart


Inspirational Quotations of Love – Ways To Use Them

So you really love your girlfriend, right? Well, a great way to convey it is to find some cute love quotes for her from the heart. Love quotes have the amazing ability to sum up how you are currently feeling about your love life in only a few words. Are you currently very much in love with somebody? Is there a special person that you wish would love you back? Has love just recently been snatched away from your grasp, leaving you with feelings of despair?

If you have a current partner, it is a great idea to send inspirational I love you quotes in a secret love note. This is a very easy way to let them know how you are feeling about them, and it can also give them a nice surprise that will really brighten up their day.

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