Romantic Love Poems for Her from the Heart

Why Poems About Love Are Awesome

There are several ways to sweep your beloved maiden off her feet, but using romantic love poems for her from the heart are definitely my favorite method. Most people do not read love poems. This is mostly because they are deluded into thinking that poetry isn’t for them, especially if they are of the idea that poems are pointless, too erudite, unfathomable and boring. However, I have discovered that writing the right love poems will give you milestones you never thought achievable.

If you have a special lady in your life, then by reading and writing love poems, it will not only be beneficial for her but for you too.

It is no understatement to say that love makes the world go round. Some people would even say that love is life, and to truly get the most out of everything you do then you must hold love in your heart. When you feel that you are in love then it can be a great activity to read poems about life and love.

Most men have read poems that reflect aspects of their own lives at one time or another. If your girlfriend or wife appreciates poetry or even if you think she might, then you could even try writing some heartfelt love poems for her. Writing or reading poetry can help with the healing process after a nasty breakup or it can help heighten the love you already feel for that special someone. It is interesting to see what the writers point of view was in a particular situation, which can lead to a greater understanding in our own lives. It can also just be a lot of fun.

Some of the great poems about love have been read by millions of people the world over. Poems such as Lullaby by W H Auden, She Walks in Beauty by Lord Byron, To Athena by Robert Herrick and If by Rudyard Kipling. If you have not read any of these yet then you should try to do so as soon as possible.

As well as reading great poetry and like I mentioned before, it is also a great idea to write your own poems. This helps to clear out any deep emotions that you are having about a particular person or situation, both good and bad. It can be surprisingly helpful.

If you decide to write it about a person then you can send it to them or not. It is perfectly okay to write a poem about somebody and then never send it to them, whatever feels best for you. Even the love poems you never show her will still benefit you.

When you are thinking about writing your own poetry about life and love then just concentrate on writing from the heart. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it is the passion that counts.

Today, there are a thousand and one reasons to write some tantalizing pieces for her. Before you push the thought aside, consider the universally accepted fact that poetry (and love poems) are more philosophical and finer than history. History only expresses the particular while love poetry expresses the universal. So, why should you consider writing love poems for her anyway?


1. Poetry is Taciturn

Most of the love poems you write should not take long to read. Since poetry is one of the short forms of literature, it follows that you do not have to stress over the composition.


When you write short love poems for the love of your life, she will easily be able to read it (or them) during her coffee break, or the next time she is standing in line, or while eating her lunch time sandwich. Most people who do not have much free time in their hands find that love poetry is one of the best things to read. It will certainly do the trick for that special someone and endear them even further to your charms.


2. Vocabulary

Whereas men are turned on by what they see, women think according to words and how they make them feel. In fact, one of the reasons why you should definitely consider taking up a pen and penning a short, concise and lurid poem for your love is because of the change in vocabulary this form of art will introduce into the relationship.


By coming up with unique way of blending words, you will be able to improve your love vocabulary and infusing new words that your significant other may have forgotten about.


3. New Ideas

By writing love poems for your love, you will get and teach new ideas to her. Like all great pieces of art, poetry will open up both your minds to new and brilliant ideas. It will infuse your relationship with these ideas, and turn up the heat between the two of you in ways you never imagined possible.


The poems will also bring insight into the relationship and open up more avenues for deeper and more stimulating conversation. However, the best way to ensure that this happens is by using subtexts and symbolism to sneak under your love’s rational mind and help them access the incredible power of their subconscious. As a response, they will – ideally – acclimatize strongly to the metaphor and imagery you choose to use while penning the love timepieces.


4. See the World in a New Light

As a poet of love, one of your tasks will encompass trying to make your lady love see certain aspects of the world and their sense of belonging to you in new light. This, therefore, means that you should endeavor to always use unusual turns of phrase and images that will focus their attention on some things in completely new ways. Commonplace events and objects will, thereafter, take on new meanings once you tackle them in those love poems that you have written for her.


You can choose to ignore your instinct for that held by the sky’s, checking how each light flicks out while enjoying the strange airy smell of herbal brews. Similarly, you can yearn to go all out beyond those four walls within which your soul is enclosed and enjoy the aura of the fast tide that is your shared love. Harmony. Peace. Togetherness.


5. Thinking

Should your lady love be confused into finding that poetry is hard, do not be disheartened. Make her understand that reading the love poems will stretch her mind beyond the horizons and force her to think more critically about both the mundane and the erudite.


When she becomes surprised and challenged by the poetry, you give her an opportunity to question certain pre-conceptions she might have had, and to rise over and beyond her typical everyday comfort zone to mitigate the situation.


6. Fun

Last but not least, love poems are fun. The ultimate goal in mind should be to ensure that the love of your life simply enjoys and wallows in the warmth that is your creation.


Whether they are drawn into the words, engaged by fascinating characters in the poem and delighted by the beauty of your turns of phrase, you can feel proud that she will have jolly good and great fun reading all those romantic love poems you composed with her in mind and from the heart.


Beautiful Love Poems for Her – Video (2 Love Poems)

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