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Henry – Webmaster of iloveher.net

Hi there, my name is Henry and this is my website. In my site I attempt to look deeply into many different ways for expressing my love for her. When I say “her” I am meaning the ultimate woman of my dreams and desires. She is the love of my life and the most important person to me in the whole universe. Do you feel like that for your girlfriend or wife? Poetry and writing are my favorite ways to express my love for her.

I come from California, United States of America, however the content in this website is meant for people from any country and any nationality anywhere in the world.

I have a strong interest in metaphysical love, poetry, writing, art and any creative process where I can explore ways to get my message of love for my partner across.

I believe any man who wishes to convey his feelings of love towards his partner will enjoy and benefit from the content in this blog. Well… that is my intention and I hope to be successful in it.

Using art, poetry, music and writing, I examine deep and thoughtful creative processes in which the purpose is to appreciate, admire, rejoice and most of all, love for the special females in our lives.

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