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Inspirational Quotations of Love – Ways To Use Them

So you really love your girlfriend, right? Well, a great way to convey it is to find some cute love quotes for her from the heart. Love quotes have the amazing ability to sum up how you are currently feeling about your love life in only a few words. Are you currently very much in love with somebody? Is there a special person that you wish would love you back? Has love just recently been snatched away from your grasp, leaving you with feelings of despair?

If you have a current partner, it is a great idea to send inspirational I love you quotes in a secret love note. This is a very easy way to let them know how you are feeling about them, and it can also give them a nice surprise that will really brighten up their day.

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If you are looking for something to make a valentines day or anniversary card really sparkle, then using inspirational love quotes for her can add real depth and understanding to any message of love. Your loved one will feel cherished by your thoughtfulness when she receives the card.


You may have also found yourself rushing into a relationship that you possibly wasn’t ready for, and now you are unsure if you are doing the right thing. Reading some specially selected romantic love quotes can give you a greater clarity and understanding of the situation.


If you find yourself in this situation you can use the quotes to use in meditation when you are by yourself. Using this peaceful time will allow you to really gather your thoughts and choose which path to take.


It is also possible that this is a depressing time for you full of heartache and sadness. You can use also use love quotes if you have just recently ended a relationship for somebody you used to love. Everybody has been there and using some quotes can make you feel better and give you hope for the future. A great Inspirational Love Quote for this type of situation is, “Some of us think holding on makes us stronger; but sometimes it is letting go,” by Herman Hesse.


However on a positive note, if you are wanting to strengthen your relationship then choosing some heartfelt love quotes for her and then strategically saying them at the right time will have her swooning for more.


Quotations About Love Are All Around Us

It is very likely you would have pondered on the question ‘What is true love?’ and you have probably looked all over the place for some answers: magazines, books, websites, quotations about Love, songs about love, family, friends, etc… often the feeling of being afraid or doubting something, makes us think less of negative anxious feelings by means of looking for a “savior” who may be able to aid us, however the answers are often looking us squarely in the face, right in front of our noses.

It is quite likely that you actually know more about what is true love than what you might have previously thought.

Any ideas you have in your head about everything that’s wrong and what’s around you, are influenced by the ideas of others. With the passage of time, since you were born, you have “inherited” without being had asked. This is neither good nor bad, it just “is”, i.e. a condition that happens to all human beings.

Just because there are ideas that surround us from birth, we are unaware of their influence on our daily lives, but if you make an effort to “look beyond the obvious” and go to the origin of these ideas, you realize that many of them are not yours, even to analyze deeper to you may seem absurd or silly. Quotations about love or ideas about what is true love are many. And not only you but your family has inherited the ones you have gotten from society and culture to which they belong.

Through the following points I will explain step by step to find out how much of your ideas about what is true love, are actually yours and how far your thoughts are permeated by ideas or cute love quotes for her or anyone are already imposed or recorded as a schedule.

  1. Ask yourself this question: What is true love FOR ME? Write down everything that pops into your head.
  2. Read the answers you just wrote and analysis how different you feel from what you thought you felt. It might be surprising to you, but identify them clearly.
  3. Remove, cross out all those things in your response, you identified in the previous section.
  4. Go back to ask: What is true love FOR ME? Write down everything that comes to your mind and then repeat the point 2 and 3.
  5. Write aside only things left after striking out your other answers. Now reread the answers you got. They are part of your truth. This is really what means to you as true love. It is likely that these responses may be remote or far removed from what until now you had thought was true love based on some quotations about love. Let yourself be surprised by your own answers.

When you are through with these 5 points, you’ve taken a big step inside you, the one that really knows what true love FOR YOU is.

Don’t you want to know a little more of yourself now? Take this opportunity and follow these five steps. Go to the extent that you know what you REALLY think about true love. You can do this by yourself or even better with your loved one. Sharing the truth will really benefit you as well as her and take your relationship to the next level. I wish you an exciting journey of discovery inside your own realizations and with a better understanding will be able to recognize or even create your very own cute love quotes for you and her directly from the heart to appreciate and live by.

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