I Used to Love Her – How to Deal with a Break Up


Tips to help get over your first love

I used to love her, it’s the name of a famous song by Guns and Roses (see video below), but it’s also a very common statement for those who have ever gone through a break up. It’s the very reason why how to get over a break up is so god damn hard. The first time we let someone break our heart is usually the worst time for us all. Overcoming the first love may seem impossible as it feels like the most devastating thing in life. It’s hard to even see how we can be happy again when we come across some love poems or something to remind us about our broken love! We can not even imagine finding someone else.

The truth of the matter is that no matter how much you can not believe this now, you are capable of loving many people deeply. And as you say to yourself “I used to love her”, you can and probably will love somebody again. It probably won’t be her but it will be somebody. As you may or may not believe in “true love” or for that special person we like to call “the one” you can actually find and have a love life as deep as you did the first time.


We like each person differently and very uniquely. Overcoming the break with your first love is difficult but not impossible. For those of you who are trying to overcome this situation with your first love and want to learn to overcome this terrible feeling of heart break, I urge you to read and follow these tips.

  • Accept the fact that your relationship is over and there is no use reading all those love poems for her or love letters for her that you have written. This step is very difficult. You may have imagined the two being together forever. Trust me, we’ve all been there. I know it’s hard to visualize anyone else in your life right now, but you will have to face the fact that it is reality and must make an effort to cut off all communication with your ex.
  • Whatever you do never let yourself be alone and hidden. You have the right to mourn for a few days or even a couple of weeks, if that is what are needed. But after that period, you must make the effort to join the rest of the world. Hiding is dangerous time for the depressed and can lead to serious health problems. Nobody is saying that you should find a new partner or even try to find a date. It is simply the best that you make every effort to go out and spend time with friends or family members and go have some fun.
  • Do everything you wanted to do but were not allowed when you were together. In all relationships, are the specific things that our partner did not like, or hated to do. Now is the time to revisit the things we have forgotten and put on hold like writing for example. Remember what they were, and experience the joy that they used to make. Obviously, however, if you do not seem to be progressing well after several months, then you may need help from a counselor to guide you through the grieving process which may be too large to handle on your own.


Getting over your first break up sometimes seems an impossible task. After all, this is the first time you have felt this way, and it is easy to believe you can not feel the same for another person anymore. But you can, and if you want a new love get back stronger than ever. So next time you find yourself saying “I used to love her”, say it with hope not with despair.

I Used to love Her – Guns and Roses

And here is the famous song “I Used To Love Her” by Guns and Roses. I think it is a fitting song for the conclusion of this post. Enjoy!

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