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Online lover

lovers in bedIn the silent moments when I give myself permission to think of you, You enter my mind and fill my heart with such joy and sadness all in one. I lay in my bed at night and I can feel the warmth of your arms around me, the sound of your breath in my ear and the memory of your voice telling me you love me. I allow myself to wonder for a moment of our life together, the journey we would have shared, I know there was something special between us, I knew it the first time we spoke, I know you felt it too. I could feel you liking me and although I have never even seen your eyes looking into mine, I felt them burning into my soul, knowing you saw and understood all of me, all of who I am and who I would be with you.

There are no words that can explain how I feel right now, my soul knows that even though we are not speaking that our paths will cross again one day and we will meet face to face. You will take me in your arms and tell me how you feel and I will share that moment only with you, and the world will melt away and there will only be you and me…
You will take my hand and hold it to your heart, I will feel the heat of your flesh as I gently caress your face. Your face and smile that now comes to me at night in my dreams and professes to me of a love, a love that fills you with excitement and joy but also a fear of vulnerability if you surrender yourself to me completely.

For now, you will live your life a thousand miles away from me. You wake, you work, you spend your time with others, people who fill your days, your nights and sometimes even your bed. Yet I know, when you allow yourself those precious moments, you close your eyes and you imagine me beside you and you permit yourself to surrender to the feeling of love you have for me, and for a second you hold me in your heart again…..then, like waking from a dream …..you slowly let me slip away.