The Power of Love Over the Internet


The Popularity of Love Searches

Lovestruck? Everyone who has gone through this experience gets googly-eyed when hearing the word “love.” The term “love” is one of the most commonly used words in both oral and written communication and even ranks high in web search results. This shows that the concept of love has taken over not only the globe, but the Internet, as well.

The Internet is filled with a variety of articles, discussions, and other literature about love. It is a popular medium in the global society and has recently been the world’s primary source of information and outlet for thoughts. People are constantly looking for love poems, quotes, and other textual materials that will make them have a better understanding of the concept of love and its underlying aspects. Some people even pour out their thoughts and emotions through blogs and forums, or even by publishing love poems of their own.

One of the most popular love-related searches on the Internet is online dating. Most people, having easy access to the Internet, prefer to meet members of the opposite sex through chatting or participating in forums and start serious relationships. This usually happens among introverted people who are not very good at conversing with other people in person.

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Another common love-related search is a forum discussion about love. A lot of online users post their problems or inquiries about love and other people type in their replies. This is a way to get pieces of advice from others or to just let one’s feelings out for him to feel better. Somehow, it also eases the pain of unrequited love when there are many people who express that they understand your feelings. You also don’t have to face embarrassment that would be otherwise felt when you talk about your feelings personally. In addition, a person can publish poetry or articles for other people who look for these on the Internet.


Love quotes are, perhaps, the most popular among the love-related searches. They put seemingly unexplainable feelings into words and can even affirm some of the not-so-typical emotions and love situations. These love quotes are also searched on the web to be put as statuses in social networking sites, describing a person’s state of mind at the moment.

This is how the power of love surpasses the power of the Internet. It does not only prove that people are always in love, but it also affirms how amazing love is. It can be expected that people will often be on the lookout for different love poems, love verses, and potential relationships in the information superhighway and this will, perhaps, go on for eternity.

How We Met – Love on The Internet

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