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Expressing Messages of Love with your Phone

Love is the best gift from God to mankind. All of us love to be loved and feel great and contended when there’s someone to care for us. And although love text messages from the heart are a relatively new phenomenon, love messages themselves have been there since man knew how to express his thoughts to words. It is the deepest feeling one can experience and feel on top of the world. But love has no value until it’s expressed. To give meaning to your relationship, the expression of your feelings is important. The Master, William Shakespeare himself has said, “They do not love that do not show their love.” Express and let your partner know how much you love them and how important this relationship is to you.

Not expressing your love may leave your partner disappointed.

Acknowledgement and reciprocation are quite important in any relationship. In the words of T.S. Eliot: “I like not only to be loved, But to be told I am loved.” To ensure better connection with your partner, make sure you express your love for them in such a way that it makes them feel special, caring and romantic. Merely saying I Love You won’t create the magic it should. Forget the classic way of expressing love, and adopt something more creative. Your partner will surely be happy to hear those three golden words in a different way.

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Be creative with your text messages of love

One of the modern, easiest and best possible ways to express love is by sending heartfelt love text messages. It is the most common, universally accepted method of expressing love within seconds, followed by today’s generation. This method can be opted especially by shy people who out of their fear of rejection find it difficult to express their love. Love texts for her as small as I love you, I miss you, I can’t imagine life without you, Will you marry me? and many more can make the receiver of the message feel good. Through love messages, you can describe how adorable, beautiful and good natured your partner is. You can charm your lover by sending across lots of love sms, love quotes, love poems, love stories, etc. This is sure to kick start a romantic conversation between the two of you and make each other feel special. Your partner will surely appreciate your gesture and this will bring in more togetherness, make your relationship healthier and long lasting.

There are infinite love messages you can send and boost both your partner’s mood as well as your relationship. It can add smiles to your lovers face when he/she’s sad, depressed, annoyed, feeling low, etc. You can regularly send such messages and tell them that you’ll always be there for them, in good and bad times.

This SMS text of love will make her smile

Text messages are an amazing feature incorporated in the mobile phones to send messages fast. Also you can insert images or edit text to personalize your message and make it all the more attractive and effective, thereby expressing your heartiest love towards your loved one, separated by geographical boundaries. Heartfelt love text messages are a great way to greet, send warm wishes and stay in constant touch even as life becomes hectic.


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