Romantic Love Letters for Her from the Heart

love letters for her

Do you sense there is something missing in your relationship? Do you feel that you have done your best but things are still not quite right between you and your sweetheart? Well, it’s time to try writing romantic love letters for her from the heart. You may think that the times are different. You may be thinking that she is expecting something material so that she can feel special. However, there are thousands of things the digital age cannot replace. The sensation of reading how one feels about you is one of the things that will never be replaced. Through the power of words, we can say things we normally have difficulty saying out loud.


Love Letters to Express Your True Desire

Sometimes it may be painfully difficult to express to your loved one how you really feel towards them. Do you have a burning desire to let somebody special know what is in your heart and your soul? Love Letters can be a great way to do this without having to risk rejection in person.

Interestingly, it can also be very romantic for existing partners to exchange Love Letters, even if you have been in a relationship for many years. It is a sure fire way to spice up your current partnership and add a bit of variety. A great way to really do something special is to present a single red rose with your love letter, your partner will be amazed at the thought you have put into it.

Love Letters give you a unique chance to really let your inner romantic jump out from deep inside. This is your time to really let go and let your strongest emotions pour out over the page.


Here are a few tips to make Love Letters a truly special piece of work for her to cherish.

  1. Only ever use top of the range and high quality paper to write your Love Letters on. This shows the other person that you have put deeper thought into this and have showed more care. Using high quality colorful paper is much better than ordinary A4 paper.
  2. Open up the letter with something eye catching and unique. Things along the lines of “my dearest,” “my darling” or “my beloved” is something that will really grab the attention of the person reading it. If you open up your Love Letters with just a casual “hi” then it is not very appealing or heartfelt.
  3. Make sure you put some real effort into it and write from the heart! Don’t be scared of saying what you really feel in your love letters. Let it all out. Give it everything you have got to show your emotion for her.

Advances in technology will never replace the anticipation and sheer joy that poetry and words that come straight from the heart can convey though love poems, love quotes or a love letter. The only advantage technology has to this communication process is to speed up the process of sending and receiving letters. You don’t have to waste cash on material things just to make your significant other feel wanted and appreciated. It’s possible to text love messages, profess undying love for her through email or do it on paper.

One way of making the task of writing a letter is to understand the type of letter and the message you would like to convey. There could be umpteen kinds of letters that seek to express one’s love for another. However, I am only listing three types of love letters and how you can show love to that beautiful woman through writing. You can choose the type of letter you want to write depending on why you want to write a love letter. These three essential things will help you pen the letter easily and effortlessly.


1. Love letter that conveys things that cannot easily be orally expressed

You can show love for her by sitting down to write the good things she has done in your life. This is one of the most convenient ways of saying things that you want to say but feel reluctant to due to some inhibition. Get a pen and paper and express your feelings for her without feeling shy. Since understanding is a mutual thing that couples get from each other, she will understand your feelings and reciprocate your sentiments. You can keep the letters that she wrote earlier to show that you care for her and love her thoughts about you too. Sometimes this letters reminisce some good old moments together that you will never want to forget.


2. A letter that records things you have been saying already

It’s the vice-versa of the first letter, but it still yields fantastic results. Though you have told her or talked to her by word of mouth, it does not break a bone to go down and repeat the same words of love in a more romantic way. When she reads this, she will feel elated and contented that you truly meant what you had said earlier. It’s a fact that people like confirmation and don’t be surprised to find that your wife is also waiting for a confirmation love letter. This way you build confidence in your relationship and nature trust. This type of a letter acts as a reinforcement for your love.


3. Romantic Love Letters

Romance is everyone’s cup of tea especially if the couples are still young and full of love. Writing love poems for her can be used only if you have an aptitude for writing poetry. They are the most powerful letters that any lady would wish to read. Some will prefer others to read the letter out aloud for them so that they can sit back and feel the juiciness of their lover’s creativity and love. Despite their nature of exaggeration and imagery, you will be surprised that your lover will enjoy even if she had no special interest in poetry.

Apart from poetry, you can use songs to bring your partner more close. In fact, there are many romantic songs that provide ideas for love letters. The wording is equally valid in most love letters. One advantage of using songs is that you immortalize the ideas in the song to create a lasting feeling with your fiancée. However, love songs for her can only be heard, while love letters can be kept for eternity.

Letter writing has always been mankind’s greatest inventions. Love letters will always be part of courtship and can be the best way to nurture love and keep memories. One of the fruitful things about love letters is that there will always be unique creativity from various lovers. Writing love letters for her shows her how much you truly care and can strengthen your relationship twofold. Let her know how far you can go to protect and provide for her. Be the man she wants you to be and you will be showing her love without even realizing it.


Romantic Love Letters for Her – Video (one letter)

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